Thinking about installing solar panels on your Perth home? Making the switch to solar power saves you money off each power bill and in turn, leaves you with more money left in your wallet, making it a great investment for now and for many years to come. At SolarKings, we provide an affordable solar panel installation service to homes across Perth, no matter where you’re located in the metro area. If you’re wanting to purchase solar panels individually, SolarKings has a range of leading products and brands available to choose from. But, if you’re looking at installing a solar panel system in your Perth home, we’ve made it easy and have put together three different solar panel systems to suit your solar needs:

  • 10kW Solar Panel System – Ideal for larger households of 5 people or more, this system is your best bet for the home. A 10kW system requires approximately 27-35 solar panels.
  • 5kW Solar Panel System – This solar panel system is perfect for a smaller household of up to 3 people. An affordable way to make great savings on your energy bill. A 5kW system uses around 16 solar panels.
  • 6.6kW Solar Panel System – A great “middle ground” option for solar panels that is suitable for a household of roughly 4 people. The 6.6kW system requires about 20 solar panels.


Solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice of energy source for homes in Perth over the last 10 years because they do not use any fuel and therefore, do not add any emissions and as a result, are a more environmentally friendly option.

Aside from this, one major benefit of making the switch to solar panels, is the ability to reduce electricity bills. When you install solar panels to your Perth home, your household then uses solar power instead of paying for electricity from power providers. With the reduction in prices to power and energy bills, as well as being a better choice for the environment, it’s easy to see why hundreds of thousands of households across the state have made the switch and installed solar panels on their Perth home.


At SolarKings, we have a wide range of solar panel packages and products for sale for you to choose from to suit your solar power needs. Whether you’re wanting to install a 5kW solar panel to your home, or simply need an inverter or microinverter for your existing panels, we only rely on the best quality products and can advise on the most suitable solar panel packages to suit you.

Solar Panel Packages
Solar Panel Products


Our solar panel prices and costs in Perth vary depending on your solar power needs. To make it easier and more affordable, we’ve created three different solar power packages for you to choose from -10kW, 5kW and our 6.6kW, to suit the size of your home and specific power needs. Each solar power package will vary in price and our team can provide you with a quote upfront, which will include the installation of the solar panels onto your Perth home.

The ‘Government Solar Rebate’ is an incentive in which you receive Small Technology Certificates, or STCs, for every Megawatt of energy your solar power system produces. This initiative is for energy produced up until 2031. As an example, a 17 panel (5kW) system is expected to produce approximately 88MWh worth of electricity from 2020-2031. This, therefore, entitles you to 88 STCs.

Once you have had your solar power system installed and the STCs you’re eligible for have been registered, they can be sold to recover a fraction of the initial cost of your system. Since this method can often be quite complex, it is encouraged that you assign the right to create STCs over to your solar provider, and in return they will provide you with a discount on the full price of solar power system.

The current trade price for STCs is $37 each. This means you could receive around $3,250 discount off the full, or ‘true’, cost of a 5kW system.


Ready to make the switch and buy solar panels for your Perth home? Whether you’re wanting to power a small home south of the river or a large home north of the river, rely on SolarKings to help you choose which solar panel is right for you. Contact us today to get a quote by calling (08) 9364 4895.