SolarKings WA are a family run solar power business specialising in grid connect solar power systems. We are experienced in the design and installation of all types of grid connect solar systems for homes, businesses and schools.

Electricians Sean Jonker and Heath Schmidt began their business back in 2007 with a shared interest and dream to help WA go solar.

Sean has over 20 years experience in the electrical industry and is an expert in all facets of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work. He has been a CEC accredited solar designer and installer for over 12 years.

Heath originally was a plumber by trade for many years before gaining his electrical trade qualification and Clean Energy Council accreditation as a solar designer and installer. Heath is extremely passionate about installing top quality solar systems and providing excellent service to his customers. He has recently undertaken battery accreditation and is excited about the future of battery systems and the possibilities that they hold.


SolarKings have ridden the wave of various government grants and rebates and watched many of our competitors come and go. Throughout it all, our philosophy has stayed the same.

To install quality products at good prices and provide excellent service to our customers. We pride ourselves on personal service and delivering the best quality and value we can to our loyal customers.

In fact, most of our business comes from recommendations and word of mouth referrals from our happy customers.


Pitfalls to avoid when going solar:

  • Do your homework. Don’t be caught by cheap sounding deals and fancy marketing. Get multiple quotes and ask lots of questions.
  • Understand the difference between rebates, renewable energy buyback scheme (REBS) and feed in tariffs.
  • Buy quality products and they will last. Cheap is often cheap for a reason. ALL panels in Australia are required to be Tier 1. This is not optional and should not be a selling point. Ask for a quote which specifies the BRAND and MODEL of your PANELS and INVERTERS.
  • Understand your rights when it comes to warranties and read the fine print. A 25 year warranty is not always how it sounds.
  • Avoid pressure selling and pushy sales techniques. An upfront discount if you sign on the day is rubbish. Solar is a big investment. You have a right to ask questions. Take your time, investigate and make the best decision for YOU.
  • Don’t assume you can only put solar on a north facing roof. A skilled designer/installer will be able to design a system to maximise output with whatever roof space you have.
  • Batteries are the way of the future, but for many people with a reliable grid supply they may not make financial sense just yet. This is because the payback time can be longer than the warranty of your battery system. Like all new technology it is likely the cost of batteries will drop in time. Check that your system is battery compatible for the future. Solarkings are always on the lookout for new technologies and products for our customers and when battery systems become more cost effective, we will be all over it!

solar rebates in wa

When you install a solar system, you generate Small Technology Certificates (STCs), which are sometimes referred to as a ‘Government Solar Rebate’. You’ll receive 1 STC for every Megawatt of energy your system is expected to produce until 2031.
For example, a 5kW system (approx 17 panels) will produce around 88MWh worth of electricity over the 11-year period until 2031, meaning you are entitled to 88 STCs.

Once your system has been installed and the STCs have been registered, they can be sold to recover a portion of the cost of purchasing your solar PV system. Given the complexity surrounding creating and selling STCs, it’s common practice to assign the right to create the STCs to your solar provider, in exchange for an upfront discount off the full, or ‘true’, system price.

STCs currently trade for around $37 each, which means you’d receive around $3,250 discount off the full, or ‘true’, cost of a 5kW system.

Reduction in units needed to be purchased from the gridThe number of units produced by your solar system that are consumed on your property (and hence this reduces that number of units to be purchased from your retailer)28c (Synergy A1 Tariff) Up to 53.9c (Synergy Smart Home Plan Tariff)
Payment for units exported to the grid

From 6 November 2020, a time of export buyback scheme will apply for power exported back to the grid. DEBS (Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme) Rate will apply for eligible Synergy customers. The new rates are:

  • Electricity exported at peak times between 3pm and 9pm will earn 10 c/kWh;
  • Electricity exported at all other times will earn 3c/kWh.

The DEBS Rate will be reviewed each year by the State Government, just like other regulated electricity prices.