6.6 kW Solar System Perth

6.6 kW Solar System Perth

Perth’s Trusted 6.6 kW Solar System Provider

As Perth-certified solar installation specialists, our company offers unmatched skills, attention to detail, and competitive pricing. Based in Brentwood, we pride ourselves on being a local industry leader and have gained traction across Western Australia for our pioneering success with our 6.6 kW solar system. Choosing SolarKings as your installer will give you access to a vast pool of qualified technicians that will help you relax and become worry-free.

SolarKings has an excellent reputation for innovation and quality. After all, our products are carefully selected to ensure performance, durability, and safety. We also give top priority to customer satisfaction through sound and efficient management. Moreover, our service is flexible. We can arrange site visits at your earliest convenience, and we’re more than happy to help you choose products that fit your budget and needs. With over 20 years of experience on the team, there is nothing we cannot do.

Helping Perth Residents Achieve Sustainability with Our 6.6 kW Solar System

Are you looking for a way to achieve a green and sustainable lifestyle in Perth? The 6.6 kW solar panel system is our best-selling product and is becoming increasingly popular among Australian homeowners due to its affordability, compact size, and easy installation. The 6.6 kW series is perfect for medium to large-sized families and small commercial businesses. It can generate about 25-27 kWh per day, depending on factors such as climate and location.

Perth’s weather can change rapidly, but our 6.6 kW solar system would relieve these uncertainties. You can always turn on your heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) without worrying about your utility bills. Rain or shine, you’ll have access to stable power for your daily needs. Our solar system is the answer to climate change and allows us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels without compromising comfort.

6.6 kW Solar System Perth6.6 kW Solar System Perth
6.6 kW Solar System Perth

About Our 6.6 kW Solar System in Perth

Our 6.6 kW solar system converts solar energy into electricity. Photovoltaics, also known as solar cells, collect and transmit energy to power residential and commercial buildings. Our solar specialists can help determine your energy consumption and customise each panel to meet your needs.No matter how many you need, we can arrange an on-site inspection and recommend products that fit your needs.

A roof area of 30-35 m² is required to install a 6.6 kW solar system. Our team can provide full details to assist our clients with the installation. Whether you are a first-time homeowner looking to install solar panels or need regular maintenance and repair services, SolarKings has the end-to-end solution you need. Contact us to find out how we can help you start living green.

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