Solar Batteries Perth

Solar batteries are a system to store renewable energy power. This is typically excess rooftop solar power generated during the day which can then be used by the consumer at night-time. Utilising a solar battery can significantly increase savings, allowing the consumer to use their own free stored power while reducing dependence on purchasing power from the grid.

SolarKings WA can provide and install superior quality solar battery storage systems at affordable prices in Perth.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage Systems

Storing renewable power from solar panels during the day and then using it at night comes with excellent benefits. The cost to purchase a unit of power from the grid is around 27 cents.  Synergy will only pay the consumer a feed in tariff of 3-10 cents per unit when exported from their solar system back to the grid.  With a solar battery storage system, unused power is stored rather than exported, meaning the consumer uses their own stored power saving them 24 cents per unit.

Battery systems can also be designed to provide power in case of power outages.

Solar Power Batteries & Storage Systems

At SolarKings, we stock an extensive range of premium solar batteries from leading brands, including LG Chem, Qcell, BYD and Sungrow. There are several solar battery options available produced from both tried and true and innovative materials.

Lead Acid Batteries

While lead acid batteries may be bulkier and a little unsightly, they are tried, tested and extremely reliable. These batteries have been taking Australians off-grid for 10-20 years. However, they are being taken over by other batteries with longer warranties and lower pricing as solar battery storage becomes more cost effective.

Lithium-ion Solar Batteries

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are evolving faster than expected as the electric car industry drives their development. Progressing ahead in leaps and bounds primarily in part to the most advertised Tesla Powerwall, most new lithium batteries are looking to become the most popular choice for home solar battery storage.

Flow Solar Batteries

Flow batteries are a relatively new entrant to the battery storage marketplace, though their technology has been around for many years.

They are called flow batteries because they have a water-based solution of zinc-bromide sloshing around inside them. Currently, only a few companies are producing flow batteries for the residential market, the most prominent of which is Redflow, an Australian-based flow battery company that outsources battery manufacturing to Thailand (previously North America). The ZCell is the smallest flow battery on the market.

Sodium Nickel Chloride Solar Batteries

Sodium nickel chloride technology is yet another competitor to the dominant lithium-ion storage technology. In Australia, GridEdge is producing their Quantum battery which offers a range of environmental and safety benefits due to its unique battery chemistry.

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