Solar Panel Maintenance Perth

Solar Panel Maintenance Perth

Perth’s Most Experienced Solar Panel Maintenance Team

If you’re looking for a reliable solar panel maintenance team in Perth, then look no further than Solar Kings. As one of Perth’s leading solar designers and installers, offering workmanship warranties complete with unbeatable quality services. Solar Kings is a family-run business with over 12 years of experience.

Our company’s owners, Sean Jonker and Heath Schmidt, opened this business in 2007 with a shared interest in helping Western Australia go solar. Sean has experience in the electrical industry and is an expert in all facets of domestic, commercial, and industrial electric work. He’s been a CEC-accredited solar designer and installer for over 12 years. Heath also has an electrical trade qualification and CEC accreditation as a solar designer and installer. Moreover, he has battery accreditation and is excited about the future of battery systems. So, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a qualified and experienced team.

Save Money with Perth’s Solar Panel Maintenance Experts

Solar Kings is a fast and reliable business offering solar panel maintenance services in Perth. Our team can help you take your home or business to a greener and more sustainable future. After all, we’ve been in the solar industry since 2007. We have developed and refined our skills on the job. As a result, we now provide various commercial and residential solar power products, from inverters to micro-inverters and solar panels.

While solar panels are durable, they require minimal maintenance to keep them in peak conditions. Solar panels are on a tilt, which means that rainwater can wash away the debris. However, experts recommend performing solar panel cleaning two to four times annually. The maintenance and cleaning services may not be covered under panel warranties. That’s why it would be wise to work with a reputable solar company to help you inspect and develop a maintenance schedule.

Solar Panel Maintenance Perth
Solar Panel Maintenance Perth

Reasons to Choose Our Solar Panel Maintenance Team in Perth

Solar panels require little maintenance to function. They only need periodic light cleaning to ensure dirt and other debris do not obstruct sunlight. However, you will need extensive maintenance during heavy snowfall or if you live in a dusty area. You can also keep track of the energy amount your panels produce. This lets you know when there is a dip in production so you can call a solar expert to identify the problem. You will find many solar panel companies, but there are many reasons to choose our solar panel maintenance team in Perth, including;

  • No pushy salespeople or ‘shonky’ sales techniques
  • No pressure to make a rushed decision
  • Over 12 years of experience in the solar power industry
  • Top quality, branded panels and inverters at reasonable prices
  • Personal service
  • We encourage you to shop around and do your homework
  • Zero upfront costs
  • Warranty on all workmanship

No need to settle for second-best services. Our experienced solar maintenance team in Perth is prepared to help you. Call us today for a consultation.