Solar Systems for Homes Across Perth, WA

Making the switch to solar power for your Perth home is an easy decision as the benefits are endless. But choosing the right solar system provider and installer for your house is the hard part. SolarKings WA are one of the leading providers of solar systems and panels for homes across Perth, offering workmanship warranties complete with an unbeatable quality service.

From microinverters to inverters and solar panels, we provide a range of quality solar power products available across well-known brands to suit your home’s needs. Or, if you’d prefer everything bundled together, our residential solar power packages are the right fit for you. See our residential solar power packages below.

Average System Cost




Includes 16 x solar panels
Sungrow / Growatt / SMA / Fronius inverter or
Solaredge / Enphase microinverters
20 x solar panels
Sungrow / Growatt / SMA / Fronius inverter or
Solaredge / Enphase microinverters
32 x solar panels
Sungrow / Growatt / SMA / Fronius inverter or
Solaredge / Enphase microinverters
Average Daily Energy 22.5kWh per day (units) 29.1kWh per day (units) 44kWh per day (units)
Annual Savings




Suitability Household of 3 people Household of 4 people Household of 5 people
*** Please note all solar package systems can be tailored to your individual requirements.

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Rely on the Residential Solar Panel Installers for Perth houses, WA

Why choose SolarKings WA for your Residential solar panels in Perth?

Wanting to install solar panels or a solar system for your Perth home? Rely on SolarKings. Our family-owned business specialise in grid connect solar power systems and have over 13 years’ experience in designing and installing the very best performing commercial solar power systems tailored to your power needs.

  • Obligation free, on-site quotes by certified solar installers (CEC accredited) 
  • We encourage you to shop around and do your homework 
  • No pushy salespeople or shonky sales techniques 
  • No pressure to make a rushed decision… take your time! 
  • Over 13 years’ experience in the solar power industry 
  • Top quality, branded panels and inverters at reasonable prices 
  • Personal service 
  • Zero upfront costs 
  • Warranty on all workmanship 

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Residential Solar Prices & Government Rebates– How It works

Sifting through the information available to help better understand how government rebates work for your residential solar panels in Perth can be time consuming and complexing. To put it simply, when you install a solar system in your home, it generates Small Technology Certificates, or commonly known as STCs. These STC’s are also referred to as a ‘Government Solar Rebate’. For every Megawatt of energy your system is expected to produce, you’ll receive 1 STC (until 2031).

For example, your family home may have a 5kW system installed (which is approximately 17 panels), which will produce around 88MWh worth of electricity over a ten-year period up until 2031. This means you are roughly entitled to 88 STCs.

Once your solar system has been installed on your home, and the STCs have been registered to the Government, the STC’s can then be sold to recover a portion of the cost of purchasing your solar PV system. With the uncertainty around creating and selling STCs, it only makes sense to assign the right to create the STCs to your solar provider, in exchange for a discount off the ‘true’ or full system price.

Currently, Small Technology Certificates, or STCs, are trading for roughly $37 each. This means you’d receive around a $3,250 discount off the full cost of a 5kW solar system.

Want to find out more about how residential solar power Government rebates can help save you and your family money? We can help, contact us today!  

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